The Transport Company Limited

  • History
  • Vision Mission

History of The Transport Company Limited

The Transport Company Limited has 3 main duties as follows.
1. To operate efficient coach services and to seek improvement to bring about sustained and universal standards by putting emphasis on safety, convenience, cleanliness, punctuality and modernization.
2. To give full satisfaction to all customers and to cater for their needs by forming a dense network of long-distance buses that facilitates connections and covers most areas of the country.
3. To streamline management by developing the personnel’s potential, encouraging teamwork and reducing waste so as to gain a competitive edge over private rivals.


   To become transportation hub with modern and efficient fleet providing quality services connecting all regions as well as being socially and environmentally responsible.


1. Continue to improve services to reach international standards in both transportation and terminal businesses. Focusing on safety, convenience, punctuality and modern technology in order to impress and cater to customers’ needs.

 2. Improve the quality of passenger terminals and maintenance centers as well as creating transportation network that covers nationwide travel as well as connections to other countries in the region.

3. Increase the standards of services of both TCL’s and affiliated company’s fleets by protecting passengers’ rights as well as providing insurance covering the lives and assets of passengers and third parties.

4. Manage the business by focusing on the benefits of shareholders and stakeholders. Run the business efficiently and actively. Increase Human Resources potential to encourage Cost Leadership. Using Information Technology system in order to provide quality and competitive services.