Department of Rural Roads

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History of Department of Rural Roads

    Pursuant to the public sector reform by which the agencies dealing with roads and bridges under the Public Works Department merged with those coming under the Office of Accelerated Rural Development, Ministry Of Interior, the Department of Rural Roads that was established on 9 October 2002 has responsibility for developing road infrastructures and carrying out the dense and widespread highway network that enables people to travel in comfort, with high speed and in safety. The duties of this department are as follows:

1. To implement the Highway Acts exclusively relating to rural roads and other relevant law.
2. To conduct the research and development studies on the construction and maintenance of rural roads.
3. To lay down standards and specifications for rural roads and to make regular inspection to reach the required standards.
4. To provide other agencies with job-related training, technical manual and advisory service on road engineering.
5. To collaborate actively with both domestic and international road agencies on road projects.
6. To perform any other duties as stipulated by laws or delegated by the Ministry of Transport or the Cabinet