Department of Land Transport

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History of Department of Land Transport

    The Department of Land Transport is responsible for the systematization and regulation of land transport by conducting the monitoring and inspection to ensure the smooth running and the conformity with land transport relevant rules and regulations. The DLT’s role also consists in implementing plans to foster links with other modes of transport so that the land transport becomes well- run, convenient, nationwide and secure. The responsibility of the DLT is the following.

1. To perform duties under land transport law, motor vehicle law, and other relevant laws.
2. To bring down the rate of accident and improve rail and road safety
3. To promote and develop land transport networks.
4. To systematize the land transport.
5. To establish cooperation with other relevant national and international agencies and organizations with regard to the land transport and international conventions and agreements.
6. To perform other duties as stipulated by law or delegated by the Minister of the Cabinet.


Mr.Chirute Visalachitra
Director General
Deputy Director General

 นางพรรณี พุ่มพันธ์
Mrs.Punnee Pumpan
Acting Deputy Director-General for Operation