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History of Marine Department

    The Marine Department’s mission is entirely consistent with the government’s policy on development and the public need to link the water transport and commercial navigation system with other modes of transport for carrying both passengers and freight. This department attaches weight to the development and promotion of piers, ports, ship yards, national shipping fleet as well as other related services with a view to offering fast, safe, convenient and extensive services to the public and strengthening Thailand’s export sector by enhancing its potential and competitiveness in the global market. The marine department’s activities cover 4 main areas as follows

1. With regard to water transport, the Marine Department is assigned to dredge and preserve the good condition of waterways, build dykes to protect the river bank from crumbling or eroding, carry out inspection, for vessels and deal with vessel registration, control water traffic to ensure convenience and safety, grant authorization for the construction of ports and keep them under supervision, navigate ships into port areas.
2. With regard to merchant marine business, the Marine Department is assigned to boost the transport of goods by sea for reason of safety and cost reduction, encourage the private sector to run the business pertaining to commercial ports, shipbuilding and sea freight, provide continuous training for the personnel in this field.
3. With regard to sea and river tourism promotion, the marine Department is assigned to provide and upgrade port facilities in tourist attraction areas, supervise the port management by putting emphasis on rigorous standards and safety aspect.
4. With regard to water environment protection, the marine Department is required not only to impose tough measure against dumping waste into rivers and seas, trespassing encroaching constructions upon waterways but also cope with oil spillage issue.


   To develop water transport system to ensure safety, convenience, rapidity and efficiency along with marine environmental management. Also to promote proper distribution of water transport and expansion of transport network in order to increase the potential for trade and service competition which will lead to better quality of life for the people.


1. To enforce the Navigation in Thai Waters Act, Thai Vessels Act, Prevention of Ship Collision Act, Mercatile Marine Promotion Act and other relevant laws.

2. To conduct the study for the development of water transport infrastructure.

3. To regulate water transport and shipping industry.

4. To cooperate and coordinate with relevant locl and international agencies and organizations in the field of water transport and shipping industry including agreements and international conventions.

5. To carry out other work entrusted by law or the Ministry of Transport or the Cabinet.

Strategic Issues

1. Development of water transport infrastructure is one of the key factors to strengthen the economy and the community in order to establish transport linkages with neighboring countries and logistics.

2. Development of water transport service standards is necessary in order to reduce traffic congestion and to upgrade the quality of life for the people.

3. Recognition of the safety standards of water transport.

4. The Government has clear-cut policies to develop more efficient public administrative system and
to earn optimum benefits from the investments and the public assets.

Mr. Withaya Yamoung
Director - General

Duputy Director - General

Mr.Sompong Jirasirilert
Duputy Director - General

Mr.Kritpetch Chaichuay
Acting Duputy Director - General

Mr.Somchai Sumanushajonkul
Duputy Director - General