Aeronautical Radio of Thailand Ltd.(AEROTHAI)

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History of Aeronautical Radio of Thailand Ltd. (AEROTHAI)

     Aeronautical Radio of Thailand Ltd. (AEROTHAI), the sole air navigation services provider (ANSP) in Thailand, is in charge of providing air traffic control services, aeronautical telecommunication services and other services pertaining to air navigation that suit airline operators’ need and ensuring safety, regularity and efficiency in accordance with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)’s standards. AEROTHAI operates as the International Aeronautical Fixed Telecommunications Network (AFTN) Centre for Thailand. The cardinal principle of its job consists in marking aircrafts fly at different times, at different altitudes and in different directions. It has a duty to receive, transmit and relay flight plans comprising aircraft call signs, routes, reporting points, altitudes, airspeed, destinations, etc. The provision of flight information services and alerting services will enable aircrafts to arrive at the ports of destination in complete safety and on schedule and will offer strong support to search and rescue operations for aircrafts in distress.

" Move Up Quality " tobe One of the Best ANSPs in ASEAN

To be the national air navigation service provider that meets users' requirements in safety, standards, and efficiency while realzing the responsibilities to all stakehoders and national interests.