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History of Thai Airways International Public Company Limited

    Thai Airways International Public Company Limited is in charge of the following:

1. To offer domestic and international air travel and related services that are safe, convenient, and of quality of ensure customer satisfaction and trust.
2. To be fully committed to international standards of management efficiency, transparency, and integrity, and to achieve satisfactory operating results in order to maximize benefits for its shareholders.
3. To create a favourable working environment and offer appropriate salaries and wages as an incentive for staff to learn and work to their full potential and to take pride in their contribution to the company’s success
4. To be socially responsible, as the national airline.

Vision, Value and Mission

   As the national airline, we announce our vision to set out goal to public and use it as the guideline for all units to achieve the same goal "The First Choice Carrier with Touches of THAI". While focusing on building shared value to raise the main value e.g. focus on customer satisfaction building, operation under effective capital and budget through flexibility to support the change of circumstance in business operation and to create a response to confederate with balance. We announce our mission to show our determination and ask all confederates to perform as follows

   - To serve a holistic airfreight for domestic and international markets while focusing on standard, safety, convenience and service that reflect Thai identity to deliver the valuable and dependable products along with strengthen impressions and good relationship with customers.

   -  To supervise the business according to international standard to create a sustainable growth to the organization and create high revenue to shareholders.

   - To create a strong culture of the organization of learning, to realize about customers importance and to strengthen the abilities, skills and responsibility along with accumulate organization relationship with its employees to bring the best out of all workforce.

   - To help, strengthen and response to society and environment as a national airline.


Mr. Sumeth Damrongchaitham

 Executive Vice President

Mrs. Suvimol Bualerd
Executive Vice President, Human Resources

Mr. Wiwat Piyawiroj
Executive Vice President, Commercial

Mr. Krittaphon Chantalitanon
Executive Vice President, Corporate Strategy and Sustainable Development

Mr. Nattapong Samit-ampaipisarn
Executive Vice President, Finance and Accounting